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About Us

Our primary objective is to promote and encourage dirt bike riding as a sport in and around the Wagga area. Located on the Sturt Highway just out of Wagga, we’ve been going for 50 years. Incorporating Motocross, Dirt Track, Enduro and Amcross, we have a packed calendar of riding.



Wagga Wagga Motorcycle Sports Club has a very long history.

The club originally started out as a dirt track club known as the Wagga Club.

It had many locations that it called home around Wagga, starting off where the current velodrome is (Cnr Kincaid & Beckwith St), before moving to the Wagga Showground and then North Wagga.

Around 1949 the club was renamed the Wagga Wagga Motorcycle Sports Club and moved to Downside.

Club members then did a massive amount of fund-raising and purchased land at Yarragundry, which is where the club still is today.

Many great riders have come from the club and competed in local, State, National and International racing, both past and present, in many disciplines.

Wagga Wagga’s Sporting Hall of Fame lists five club members: Terry McDonald, Kevin Condron, Lloyd Richards, Michael Stormonth, and Bob Sunderland (also a Local Legend).


Getting Started

Getting started can be a confusing process and there are a few different options.

If you want to ride recreationally and not race, you need to:

  • Join the club
  • Buy an Annual Recreational Licence from the club and come along to our Rec Ride days

If you are interested in racing, you need to get a racing licence.

16 years and under are classed as juniors and are required  by Motorcycling NSW to complete the Kick Start program.

The program involves 5 hours practical training and riding and then a theory test.

Once completed,  you send all the details to Motocycling NSW with the required fee and your licence will be mailed out to you.

17 years and over are classed as seniors.  For seniors to get their racing licence, they are required to submit a completed theory test (available on motorcycling NSW website… address/link) with a copy of an RTA motorcycle licence OR complete a riding evaluation, before submitting the paperwork to Motorcycling NSW with the required fee.

All riders must have Australian Standard motorcycle helmet, goggles, gloves and boots to race and ALL riders MUST have ambulance cover.

Neck braces are optional, as are knee braces.

Disciplines include:

  • Motocross
  • Dirt Track
  • Enduro


Code of Conduct

Be ethical, fair and honest in all their dealings with other people and MA.

Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and have proper regard for their dignity, rights and obligations.

Always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations.

Comply with MAs Constitution, rules and policies including this policy.

Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport.

Comply with all relevant Australian (Federal & State), particularly anti-discrimination and child protection laws.

Be responsible & accountable for their conduct;  and

Abide by the Code of Conduct outlined in Attachment A policy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Any club member found to be riding on the WWMCSC tracks or reciprocal club tracks, out of permitted events will have their membership revoked immediately. Motorcycling NSW will be advised and your licence will be suspended.


Updated Officials Accreditation Scheme

Gaining accreditation as an Official is now easier than ever! The Officials Accreditation Scheme has been updated with a view to educate and accredit an increased number of volunteers. The General Seminar is now available as an online presentation meaning you can take the short assessment and complete your application online at home. After successful completion of the short assessment which follows the online presentation, applicants will be eligible for a Level 1 Operational Officials License. This accreditation allows you to officiate  at club level events as an operational Official. Operational Officials include Flag marshals, Observers, Timekeepers, Judges, Starters etc.

Once you have achieved the accreditation through the successful completion of the online General Seminar you can then proceed onto accreditation as a Key Official (Scrutineer, Race Secretary, Clerk of Course & Steward).

The Online General Seminar is now available on the Motorcycling NSW website for download. CLICK HERE

The updated Official Accreditation System can be found here.