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WWMCSC Welcomes New Members

We hope to see you on the track soon!

For 2017 Membership Applications Motorcycling Australia have developed a new way to apply it with your annual Motorcycling Australia License renewal, Please Click Here to take you to the Portal

For additional information regarding membership with the Wagga Wagga Motorcycle Sports Club or if you require assistance please email the club


Deed of Appointment of Temporary Guardianship Form

This form must accompany any rider under 18yrs at events if your parents/legal guardian are unable to attend any race meeting with you.

If you are under 18 yrs you must ride and be sign-in by an appointed legal guardian.

Please be aware that the nominated guardian may also need to perform the riders flag or other duties on the day!

Guardianship Form

Filling out this form on the day is usually to late for your Parents signature!


How to get your licence

Download This Booklet

The first step to begin competition racing involves joining a Motorcycling NSW affiliated club. Talk to the Secretary of the Club and find out the details on how to become a member. There are four (4) main steps:

  • Become a member of Wagga Wagga Motorcycling Sports Club, an affiliated Motorcycling NSW club.
  • Have the Motorcycling NSW Competition Licence Application Form stamped and signed by the club to show that you are a financial member. Fill in the details on the form and sign all indemnity’s.
  • Send the form into the Motorcycling NSW Office (details on form), with two (2) passport sized photo’s and the relevant amount of money. Also include a copy of your birth certificate or drivers license for proof of age.
  • Complete the First Time Licence Test after you have received the study booklet in the mail. Please note the test is an additional $15.00. Only senior riders need to complete the test. To complete the test, MV will mail you out a test booklet. Simply complete the multiple choice test and return to MV. If your licence has expired for a period of longer than twelve (12) months, you are required to complete the licence test in accordance with rule b) on Page 42 of the 2007 Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Please allow two (2) weeks from the date when Motorcycling NSW receives the application for the licence to be processed and posted back to you. First time applications may take longer due to Licence Test.


Junior Coaching Program

As of 1st July 2006, the new national Junior Coaching Program (JCP) comes into play, which will see a drastic overhaul to the way juniors (7 to under 16) obtain a junior competition licence.

The aim of the JCP is to improve rider safety through regular coaching and to maintain skills for all junior motorcycle competitors.

A junior rider wishing to obtain a junior licence must undertake:

  • A minimum of five (5) hours of coaching and the required modules by an accredited Motorcycle Sport coach.
  • Five (5) hours coaching when wishing to compete on a 125cc 2 stroke machine.
  • Five (5) hours coaching when wishing to compete on a 250cc 4 stroke machine.
  • As of 1st July 2007, all junior riders must undertake a minimum of five (5) hours coaching per year until they reach the age of 16.
  • The minimum of five (5) hours required to ride and 125cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke will count towards the minimum five (5) hours required per year.
  • A rider who is endorsed for a 125cc 2 stroke must receive separate endorsement for a 250cc 4 stroke and vice versa.
  • The coaching required for a junior to compete on either a 125cc 2 stroke or a 250cc 4 stroke can be undertaken three (3) months prior to the riders birthday which allows them to compete on either machine.
  • Maintain a Log Book of the coaching hours.
  • Riders in a coaching session must either have a licence as defined in GCR 3.1.2 or be undertaking the required coaching and assessment to obtain a licence. There cannot be a combination of the two in a coaching session.
  • A rider wishing to take out a One Event Competition Licence must produce their log book to demonstrate they have completed the minimum five (5) hour of coaching and passed the competency assessment.


Other items to consider…

Like all sports, there are start up costs. To begin competition you will need a suitable motorcycle, and the appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, gloves, boots, goggles, visor, armour and protective outfit.

It is important that the helmet you use fits you correctly and is in good condition. If your helmet has been in an accident get a qualified person, such as a coach or club expert, to look it over before you begin racing. You will not be allowed to compete if your helmet is not up to scratch.

For additional information on items to consider going to MNSW Getting Started